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How to start own business to make more money?

01 09,2018

How to start own business to make more money?

How to start own business? Which small investment item need to choose? How to make more money faster to become rich? This is really a question many many people often consider.

Now let me give you a suggestion to make money faster but with small investment mount.

I recommend you start to do brick and block business, just buy a small brick machine, then start to produce concrete blocks, bricks and clay lego bricks at home, start from slam business, then when your business develop, you change a bigger brick machine.

Reason I recommend you start block business with brick machine?

1. Many countries still developing. People become more and more, people need a house to live, many many people come into city to find more opportunity to earn money and city also need to develop, but those are all need construction, build new buildings, house and squares. In another words, city and country will always develop, so we need blocks to build cities, need more concrete bricks enlarge our cities. So block business have enough market.

2. I came to many Africa countries and South East Asia countries, in those countries most of block factory use manual block mold to produce blocks, it is very low production capacity, block size not exactly and block quality not strong enough. If you choose a small brick machine to start your own block business, you can produce faster, then you will have enough time to promotion your blocks, when more construction companies know you, you just need to produce blocks at home.

Your advantage is:

a1. Produce blocks faster;

a2. Block size exactly;

a3. Block quality is better than manual blocks.

a4. Your block price could lower than common manual blocks, because you could produce more than manual blocks per day.

3. Small brick machine raw material have more choice than common manual block mold. You can choose fly ash, construction dustbin... all those raw materials price maybe lower than stone powder and sand.

4. You will never get rich if you always work for your boss. You can only become rich when you are the boss.

Now let me introduce you some small brick machines (Click to get introduction):

small movable block machine small concrete brick machine mini egg laying block machine

diesel mobile block machine small manual clay brick machine small automatic brick production line

Brick machine video links for your:


How to use those blocks?


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