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Merry Christmas from GianTlin block machine

12 21,2018

Merry Christmas and happy new year from GiantLin block machine factory staff

It will be Christmas and new year soon. Hope you had a good and happiness year. Here, All GiantLin block machine factory staff wish you will have a nice and happiness Christmas and new year. No matter happy or sad, poor or rich 2018 year, hope 2019 year you will have a better year, all wishes come true.

GiantLin Block Machine Catalogue

Burning free brick machine is a block machine produce block or bricks only need curing, no need burning.

1. GiantLin different types concrete block brick machine classification (Click, see more)

Brick Machine


block machine

Big automatic hydraulic

QT10-15: 19200pcs/8h; 10 pcs/mold
QT8-15: 15360 pcs/8h; 8 pcs/mold
QT6-15: 11520 pcs/8h; 6 pcs/mold
QT4-15: 7680 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold

Medium size

QT4-18: 6400 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QT4-25: 4608 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QT4-24: 4800 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
Small size QT40-2: 2880 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QT4-30: 3840 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QT40C-1: 2880 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
Movable type QMY4-45: 2560 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QM4-45: 2560 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
QMR2-45: 1280 pcs/8h; 2 pcs/mold
QT40-3A: 3840 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
Habiterra block

Stationary brick machine change mold is ok


brick machine

Automatic hydraulic

brick plant

SYN5-5: 14400 pcs/8h; 5 pcs/mold
SYN4-5: 11520 pcs/8h; 4 pcs/mold
SYN2-5: 5760 pcs/8h; 2 pcs/mold
SYN1-5: 2880-5760 pcs/8h; 1 pcs/mold

Movable soild interlock

block machine

QT1-20: 1440-2000 pcs/8h; 1 pcs/mold

Small manual

QMR2-40: 1440 pcs/8h; 2 pcs/mold

2. Catalogue with price list download:


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Concrete brick machine

2-10 pcs/mold

Clay interlocking brick machine

1-5 pcs/mold

1280-19200 pcs/8h 14400 pcs/8h
415500_185.jpg 510 185.jpg

4. Customers feedback and visit GiantLin factory videos

Giantlin block machine factory customer

5. Customers feedback and visit GiantLin factory videos

delivery block machine

6. Useful video, include installation video, change mold video, use block build house video....


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