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How to confirm block machine you need?

12 23,2018

How to confirm block machine you need?

Many customers want to buy a block machine to start his own business to make money.

First you should confirm which block machine is you need or suitable for you.

Step 1. According blocks bricks to confirm which type of block machine you need.

a. Clay/cement interlocking bricks making machine (Click below brick designs picture, you can see all clay interlocking brick machines):


b. Concrete hollow solid blocks and paving bricks making machine (Click below brick designs picture, you can see all concrete block machines):

Step 2a: From step 1, you should know which type block machines you need.

Small machine cheap, bigger machine price is higher, this you should know.

a. If you need concrete block machine, now you should know which block design you need.

If you only want to produce hollow blocks and solid blocks, but you have a small investment amount.

You can choose movable block machine or small block machine. (Click words, then you can see those blocks machines)

Recommend movable block machine: QMY4-45

Recommend small block machine: QT40-2

b. if you not want to start with small machine, you can choose medium sized block machine

Recommend medium sized semi automatic block production line: QT4-24

Recommend medium automatic block plant: QT4-25

Recommend medium automatic hydraulic block machine: QT4-18

Top recommend machine is QT4-18

c. Now you should consider electric power, block machine need 380V/220V/410V, 3 phase power, does your area have? if no have, you can only choose diesel block machine.

Recommend diesel block machine: QT4-30

Recommend movable block machine: QM4-45

d. After you think a,b,c, now you can confirm some blocks machines, then ask for price list, but tell supplier block size and design you want to produce in advance, then you could get exactly price list, then you can confirm block machine with your budget.

Step 2b: From step 1, you should know which type brick machines you need.

Small machine cheap, bigger machine price is higher, this you should know.

Clay interlocking brick machine could only produce small size interlocking wall bricks or small size paving bricks. Max. size is 300-150-100mm

It can produce 100% clay bricks, or clay with cement bricks.

Cheapest small manual brick machine: QMR2-40

Small semi automatic hydraulic brick machine: GL2-25

Medium sized automatic hydraulic brick production line: SYN1-5 , SYN2-5 , SYN4-5 , SYN5-5

(The difference is how many pcs per mold, SYN1-5 means 1 pcs per mold, syn5-5 means 5 pcs per mold)

South Africa solid soil interlocking blocks only produced by QT1-20 block machine (Block size: 230-220-115mm)

Step 3: After you confirm block machines you need, then you should also know below information:

a. How to choose a good quality block machine with reasonable price


b. How to start own business to make more money?


c. Advantage of investment and function of block machine


Catalogue with price list download:

block machine price list


Recommend concrete hollow blocks paver bricks machines:

automatic block machineinterlocking block machinemovable concrete block machine

small hollow block machineQT4-24 brick production linemulti function block making machine

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