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    How to solve brick machine hydraulic system not work problem?

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    Customer buy automatic hydraulic brick machine, the first problems is sensors problem, then he may meet hydraulic system problems. If customers can not find a person who used automatic hydraulic brick machine before or an engineer understand hydraulic system, hydraulic system will become a big problem for him.

    Note: All problems I answered are all choose QT4-18 automatic hydraulic brick machine as a sample.

    After you install all sensors and check all sensors are all work(if you still do not know, just click blue words, then you will go to article about sensor problems), but hydraulic system still not work, please follow me.

    1. Be sure add correct and enough hydraulic oil into hydraulic station

    2. Be sure oil pump motor in hydraulic station rotate direction is correct. Motor rotate direction should go inside.

    3. You should open oil pump work switch, then choose manual work model, not automatic work model

    4. You should be sure all brick machine movement are all in original place. (if you not clear enough, click blue words, come to check more)

    a. Moulding area sensors. You must be sure B1 and D1 sensors lamp lighten, A1 and C1 not lighten

    b. Material feeder area. You must be sure E1 sensor lighten, F1 not lighten

    c. Pallet feeder area. You must be sure G1 sensor lighten, H1 sensor not lighten

    After all those, your hydraulic system could start to work.

    QT4-18 block machine introduction

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